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The virtual training hub for tattoo heARTists -  with class discussions with master artists for true understanding of common challenges.

3-day Areola classes do not have the time to cover everything that this work requires to do this work well enough to bring healing. fills in all the 'gaps' missing from your areola training.


We don't want you to be good, we want you to be GREAT

your clients deserve it! Let us help you become amazing


Next Semester:

March 21 - 9 weeks

Surgeries, Scars, Realism and Body Art Fundamentals!

The Building Blocks to a Strong Foundation:



MASTERY MINDSET - Learn from people who have LIVED It!

A.R.T. Changed the game, come see how we did it!

Online classes for advanced paramedical artistry.

Everything that doesn't HAVE TO be learned in person.

 - the perfect compliment to your previous trainings

 - the best way to level up where you are now

 - get your professional journey started on the right foot!

Level Up!

The more time you spend on paper, the more consistent your results will be  in the skin.  Strength is a precursor to FEEL, which is very important when working with compromised skin.

Create realism that lasts, with ease...

The A.R.T. approach makes so much sense!

ART DC.jpg

Tattooing Scars

$ 1197

Technical + Healing


Breast Surgeries

$ 997

Medical Knowledge



$ 697

working on the body



$ 597

Depth + Texture


Healing Tattoos

$ 397

Trauma Sites + more


A.R.T. Certification

$ 3,000+

Become a heARTist!

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