A.R.T. Imitates Life...

We believe, above all, that areola restorative tattooing MUST be realistic for the wearer to experience thorough emotional healing and a true sense of wholeness.  The digital class teaches tattooists how to draw realism, as well as how to identify the common mistakes and red flags that lead to poorly done nipple tattoos.  Also, we try to inspire a true sense of purpose in this heart-centered work.  It's a 36-lesson, do at your own pace and interactive experience.  Click on photo to learn more.

A.R.T. is Much, Much More...

This tattooing is so advanced that we can only effectively teach it to experienced tattooists from both the traditional and pmu tattoo worlds.  Nurses without a solid tattoo education and foundation will NOT be able to learn this expert work.  We push the limits of our skills and break through old structured thinking that would hold us back from finding our true inner greatness.  Plus, it's the only training to teach on our patented scarred practice skins, learning how to articulate in any scar and gain true confidence before working on real scars.

Mentorship = Mini Apprenticeship

The absolute best way for new students to understand the real challenges of this work is through real time ongoing support.  Stacie-Rae's ultimate goal with A.R.T. is to help other tattooists become better than she is, and she is successful at it.  She is committed to each students personal success and supports them with daily challenges, steady communication, and even support when the news crews come knocking on your door because doctors can't believe their eyes at the quality we are achieving!  Click photo for more info.

The A.R.T. TEAM Mentality

While we do not force ourselves on anyone who trains with us, we do foster a sense of community and togetherness in this meaningful work.  There are so few tattooists in the world that provide a truly healing experience, we gather for support so we can be a better support to the clients who grace our spaces.  We refer clients to one another, and sometimes team members become great friends and travel to work in each others shops.  Sharing this sense of purpose in our work makes all the effort worthwhile, and we believe thats what it's all about!

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