Patent #62547381

When a breast cancer survivor has a mastectomy, a removal of the breast tissue, often the nipples are removed as well.

Seeing your changed body with those 2 familiar focal points can be... disarming...

NIPPLEBACKS are the byproduct of the A.R.T. book, drawn from photos of consenting friends, made digital to illustrate the book, and then turned into realistic nipples that last only a week!

Perfect emotional healing aid for anyone who is not ready, or not sure, about getting permanent tattoos.



What the heck is a


NIPPLEBACKS were created purely out of necessity.  Stacie-Rae, the founder of A.R.T., knows first-hand what it feels like to see a nipple-less reflection in the mirror.  She wished there was something like this available when she needed them, so she decided to make them, so other women didn't have to endure that very difficult process of self-acceptance without a high quality option, made with love!  This all started in 2010 and there was nothing like this in the world.


They were researched and manufactured into safe, FDA approved temporary tattoos for survivors, previvors, and even our trans friends.  If you've had your nipples removed, something just seems like it's... missing.  Permanent tattoos aren't for everyone, and this is a great option for reconnecting with the sexy goddess that you are!  Just stick them on like any temporary tattoo and change the way you see your new body.

For those who need them, these are LIFE CHANGING.

-NIPPLEBACKS last 3-10 days.  They can be worn in the shower and cleaned gently and powdered to prolong wear.

-Free shipping regular mail world-wide from Canada, US, UK, and ASIA. Please be patient with delivery times!! 

-Safe to wear over healed wounds and newer scars.  These are not absorbed into the body, and the ingredients are safe for people to wear that are still enduring treatment or hormone therapy.

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