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the A.R.T. of Artistic + Restorative Tattooing

Started with a book and a revolution!  We saw back in 2010 how much we could help evolve the world of ParaMedical Tattooing.  Since then, we've created a product line, pioneered an entirely new approach to areola restoration, partnered with some of our favorite areola artists, and built an education that focuses on quality of care for the clients, instead of money! 


If you'd love to get ahold of us as much as we'd love to hear from you...

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Private Members Association

medARTpro is run as a Private Members Association.  We create our products with love and share them with those that would like to develop their skills.  We want to see you create beautiful, life-enhancing tattoo art for your clients!  You lifetime membership is included in you purchase price and nothing else is required for you!  No contracts required, as your works are your own, just as ours are, and we honor your divine ability to create anything your beautiful little heart desires.

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