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"the CRAFT" Course

"the CRAFT" Course

$697.00 Regular Price
$397.00Sale Price

Body Art Fundamentals for Medical Tattooing



The course you didn't know you needed -

It's like an apprenticeship in your computer!


Did you ever wonder how Body Artists seem to make it look easy?  It's because we have to learn all about pigments needles, machines, aseptic techniques, and drawing BEFORE we're even allowed to do our first tattoo!


And an apprenticeship usually takes a year or more, because that's how much there is to learn about tattooing!  Since you can't learn it in 5 days or even 5 months, we created this course to make sure that all of the building blocks of your foundation is SOLID!


THAT, my friends, is how you become great at medical tattooing - a solid foundation in everything tattoo... 


Are nipples on the body?



Then YOU need body art fundamentals for medical tattooing!  


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