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Have you lost your breasts or maybe something else?

So did our founder, Stacie-Rae.  And she felt that not having a nipple/areola complex made it very hard to love her body, so she created this entire company around that loss.

The first thing was NIPPLEBACKS, temporary Areola Tattoos, patented in 65 countries, and then to show tattoo artists how to achieve that quality of work in the skin.

THEN - to create a database of talented and heart-centered tattoo heARTists to provide quality care for survivors around the globe.



Experienced tattoo professionals who operate from the heart-center.  These professionals have dedicated their careers to helping women heal.

They have taken special A.R.T. training and know how to help you deal with traumatic memories and triggers during the tattoo process.   



Temporary Areola Tattoos - nipples for a week!

When you lose your Nipple/Areola Complex, it can be hard to feel good about your body.

These are the perfect simple way to see yourself as complete, with the visual cues you once had.

Try them on to help you feel whole again!

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Media, Interviews and more...

Our global team of professionals love to empower their communities and beyond.  They make big waves and here are some of their messages to the world.  They love what they do and it shows!

Want to learn more about restorative tattooing?

These articles and interviews are a great place to start!



Yet another industry first, we created and published the worlds first medical tattoo digest, an annual gift to our world, full of information and inspiration!  Meet some of the tattoo artists paving the way, and learn about Restorative Tattooing!


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Finding the Right Tattooist:

With SO MANY people doing areola tattoos now, we want to make sure survivors are equipped with knowledge to make an informed decision.  After all you've been through, you deserve the best!

Don't settle for less!

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