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We often hear that after areola trainings, tattooists still don't feel confident.  Since the survivor pays the price for that, we decided to overdeliver with A.R.T. training.

Tattoo apprenticeships have a master tattooer teaching the student everything they need to know.  This is a strong value system and we are heavily invested in our students success.  We want our students to be better than our trainers, so we feel great about referring survivors to them!

Our structured practicum is the finishing touch of A.R.T. full certification, with collaboration and more.

How do we help our students become so great?!

First of all, we only work with tattooists who know how to tattoo healthy skin.  Otherwise, we can't even teach them correctly.  Then, we have the first hybrid approach to restorative tattoo training, we have created a solid base.  Then, we study our students - what do they really need and how can we help them get there?!?


Learn the basics of art 101 to create optical illusions.  Our drawing excercises help you improve all of your tattooing.  It is the building block of tattoo excellence and cannot be skipped, no matter how long you've been tattooing.


We talk to you about what YOU are struggling with and cater exercises to show you how to overcome those struggles.  10 weeks of light structure with a few meaningful collaborations and challenges, as well as a business presence analysis.

Skin + Scars

The trick is in being able to actually understand scar tissue.  That way you will be able to stop if you are overworking it, know when to do a needle change and why, and how to analyze the scar below the surface of the skin so you can tattoo it well the first time!  So, when challenges come in, we will do collaborative calls and deep case studies so we can teach you how to assess each one in a way that builds understanding.


Being able to help your client through an emotional process is what we're really all about.  We also help you get seen by your community as the go-to person!  We show you off, give you referrals, and more!  And, we're always here when you need us the most!  We help you on your divine mission and purpose in life!

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