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We Got You, Babe!


We believe every survivor deserves great tattooing.

We believe every tattooist deserves great training and products.

That's what we were made for - All of the above!


Temporary Nipples

NIPPLEBACKS temporary areola tattoos

30 seconds to wholeness!

Nips for a week


A.R.T. Certified Areola heARTists

All around the globe

The best in the world!



Arming with you with the power of understanding so you can make the best choice in your tattoo journey


Artistic Restorative Tattoo

There are a few reasons someone might lose their Nipple/Areola Complex, from breast cancer to mommy makeovers and even explant surgery.

Restorative tattooing can restore your visual sense of wholeness, helping you feel a bit more complete - healing from the outside in.

But poor quality tattooing can hinder your emotional healing, so choose well!

Dirty Little Secret...

The industry has a dirty little secret:

Did you know that medical professionals who do tattoos...

ARE NOT REQUIRED to take fundamental tattoo training?

Leading to the kind of results that have ended marriages

If you don't love your body enough to be intimate with your partner, could that affect your quality of life?  

You bet!  Trust the A.R.T. experts to give you the most important tattoo you'll ever get!

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