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the A.R.T. of Artistic + Restorative Tattoo

Previously known as Areola Restorative Tattoo, we have been reported so often that we had to remove Areola from the title.  Even though that's the biggest part of what we do, it's not ALL we do.

But - is it not ridiculous that the censorship of today forces us to stop calling something WHAT IT IS?!?!?  Join the movement to information and mass acceptance of TRUE STATEMENTS!


medARTpro is run as a Private Members Association.  We create our products with love and share them with those that would like to develop their skills.  We want to see you create beautiful, life-enhancing tattoo art for your clients!  Your lifetime membership is included in you purchase price and nothing else is required for you!  No contracts required, as your works are your own, just as ours are, and we honor your divine ability to create anything your little heart desires.  In fact, we are here to help with that!

*All medARTpro products are uniquely designed and hand made with Love, our gift to you

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