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NEW!! Stacie-Rae + EverAfter Areola Restoration Pigment Set!

We created the most thorough and advanced Areola Restorative Tattoo Pigment set, complete with a how-to insert and draw down sheet to familiarize yourself with these awesome colors!


We show you what needles to use to build an Areola Tattoo safely in scar tissue, in easy steps that ensure survivors are getting quality work.

NIPPLEBACKS temporary areola tattoos come in the set colors so you can try them on your client and actually see how the tone looks before you tattoo them!

Each color was custom made for a specific range of skin tones, and we created a couple of new areola colors that exist in real life but not yet in the pigment world.  Use our practice sheets to perfect your blends in different skin tones!

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 4.05.00 PM.png
_EA - fm.webp

Fair Maiden
Designed for Fitzpatrick 1-2

Corresponding NIPPLEBACKS:

Purchase our medARTpro patent-pending skin toned practice skins and try all blending combinations in all skin tones to artistically master your hyper-realism skills.

Golden Child
Designed for Fitzpatrick 3-4

Corresponding NIPPLEBACKS:

As always, dilute these tones by almost 50% until you become really familiar with them.  Wait until they are healed 10 weeks to know how they will settle in before making any changes.
These pigments are build to last!
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 3.37.17 PM.png
_EA-bronze age.webp

Bronze Age
Designed for Fitzpatrick 5-6

Corresponding NIPPLEBACKS:

With darker skin tones we must create more contrast, with less details.  Heavy use of white may end up yellowing, so start simple and play with dilutions until you learn this master set!

Thanks for the awesome review, Michelle Vargas!


Pink Ribbon Series by Samantha Rae x World Famous 

The First ever Permanent Areola Pigment set was also started with the A.R.T. team!  We reached out to a few pigment makers that we liked, including Eternal, and World Famous was the only one to recognize a need for permanence in restorative tattooing, thus changing the game for breast cancer survivors and really pushing the boundaries for medical tattoo professionals!

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