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A.R.T. Membership


So you wanna be a heARTist?  

We have membership options for proven and approved tattoo professionals.

We must remain in integrity to our promise to only recommend tattooists that we would get tattooed by ourselves!

If you are kinda great at what you do, inquire below to learn more about our membership options...

A.R.T. Certified heARTists

For those who have completed the A.R.T. in-person training and mentorship, lifetime membership is automatic once quality of work is shown and artist can receive referrals.


Honorary - $99/yr

Requirements - 

3 yrs + Professional Exp. 

Proven Healed Work + Drawings

Heart-Centered Artistic + Tattoo Excellence

Have completed A.R.T. virtual training

- Or Proven Excellence on their own effort


A.R.T. Approved - $149/yr

Requirements - 

3 yrs + Professional Exp.

+ Scar Tissue Training/Exp.

+ Artistic + Tattoo Excellence

Proven Healed Work + drawings


Our Promise to Survivors:

It is important that not only have you taken hands-on training, but also applied that training and excelled in your work - both healed and aged.  Your work must stand the test of time in all types of scar tissue, and it's ALL considered scar tissue over an amputation and reconstruction.  

We believe that survivors deserve the very best, and we won't settle for less.  We look forward to learning more about your work and your goals!


What's Included?

- A.R.T. heARTist Badge, displayed on website with direct link to your website

- 20% off ALL courses, access to webinars + retreats 

- A.R.T. Magazine, NIPPLEBACKS sample pack, A.R.T. Brochures

- the Original Referral Program, with Social Media features and promotions

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