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A Method, A Movement, A Mission

A METHOD - A.R.T. Pioneered the first artistic approach to Areola Restoration back in 2011 when the standard was a pink circle with a brown circle in the middle

A MOVEMENT - We began to share this method with tattoo professionals around the world in an effort to raise standards in paramedical artistry

A MISSION - knowing how it feels to have 'botched' nipple tattoos, our divine purpose is to help survivors love their body more by helping artists increase their skill.

Welcome to A.R.T.

Hi, I'm A.R.T. Founder Stacie-Rae...


Tattooing since 1995, when cancer came into my life I welcomed a career shift.  Art-School Educated and Award-Winning already, I wanted to use my skillset to help others.


They say 'teach what you know' - and after having my own nipple tattoos botched and overworked by a nipple tattoo trainer, I realized the actual impact on mental health of poorly executed areola tattoos. 


A.R.T. has helped to revolutionize the world of Paramedical Artistry.  With new innovations and products to help breast cancer tattooing progress, A.R.T. is motivated by personal experience!


Where I Come From:

Otzi's discovery in 1992 inspired me to be a part of this ancient and sacred Art Form.  I went to art school in 1994 then started a 1:1 apprenticeship in 1995 with an old-school tattooer, the old-school way.

By the time my mother died of ovarian cancer in 2008, I had awards for my tattoos and realism drawings, been featured in magazines, TV and radio, and even judged at conventions... and was ready for a new professional challenge.

I set about to learning everything I could about Areola Tattooing and apply everything I already knew about drawing and tattooing scars!  Change was made!

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 4_edited.jpg



The Nipple/Areola Complex is often removed in a mastectomy or top surgery, leaving the patient with only scars where there used to be wholeness.

Temporary Areola Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors, Previvors & more!

"missing something?  Here's your NIPPLEBACK!"

See all the ways we can help YOU achieve your goals and your dreams

- Tattoo Professionals can be in the top 10% of areola artists worldwide

- Survivors can get tattooed by the best around

- Products & Education to support excellence

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