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A.R.T. Founder Stacie-Rae knows alot about drawing, and alot about tattooing scars, so when cancer came into her life she welcomed the change in career focus.  Art-School Educated and Award-Winning already, she was ready for a new professional challenge.


They say 'teach what you know' - and after having her own nipple tattoos botched she realized the truth of this phrase, so she listened!


A.R.T. has helped to revolutionize the world of Paramedical Artistry.  We have pioneered new innovations and products to help breast cancer tattooing progress, because we have been there.


What we do...

Our first commitment is to the client.  We believe that Breast Cancer Survivors and Previvors deserve much better than they've been getting!  NIPPLEBACKS help a survivor feel whole again after a mastectomy, a powerful emotional healing aid.

Our second commitment is to the support of the first goal, by helping tattoo professionals do the work that the clients deserve.  We know that all tattooists just want to do and be their best, and we believe in limitless potential of each artist to improve, as long as they are willing to do the work!  We teach tattooists how to get the look that survivors already love, put in the skin technically correct, in a way that will stand the test of time, in any type of compromised tissue, a volatile medium.

Our third commitment is to provide what is needed for the first two things to happen!  We know that drawing is a skill, not a talent, and it can be developed.  We honour this commitment with great training and great products. 


All of our intentions have been made manifest into the creations we share with our community.  For the survivors, we have NIPPLEBACKS, and for the artists we have everything else!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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