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For Tattoo heARTists

Tattoo heARTist Support:



the A.R.T. Approach:


Temporary Areola Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors, Previvors, top surgery and more!

Now you can try on a new NAC and see what colors work best on your skin tone and play around with placement!


medARTpro Practice Skins

Mastectomy Evolution and Design

for the A.R.T. Professional

Scarred Practice skins that represent every ethnicity in all Fitzpatrick values as well as common types of skin damage. 

Build strength and consistency off-body to be a better all round tattooist.


Training and Mentorship

Traditional Tattooing involves a lengthy 1

;1 apprenticeship with a master tattooist who makes sure you know everything you need to know to be a good tattoo artist.

We want to inspire these values in all tattooing, and help tattoo professionals learn as much as they need to be truly successful.

We believe that all survivors deserve great tattooing, and for that to happen, all tattooists deserve great products and training.

We're here to help you on your path to greatness!


A.R.T. Products

For Realistic Results that help clients HEAL.

Natural results that don't fade away are the gold standard of Areola Restorative Tattooing.

Join the heARTist movement and create an artistic style that makes your clients forget anythings been taken away!

Progressive products including Needles, Pigments, books and more!

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