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Hyper-Realism Course

Hyper-Realism Course




3D on a flat surface is an optical illusion, so "learn the language" of realism. This course teaches you simple steps for natural depth and texture that lasts. Includes A.R.T. System ($100 value). Taught LIVE online starting June 21 and Sept. 14, with lifetime access to replays.


Learn how to get texture and depth easily in a way that won't damage skin, perfect yourability to create an optical illusion in a way that will strengthen your tattooing.


- Experienced tattooists - BE BETTER THAN YOUR TRAINER!  In this course, I will show you the correct needle choices for scar tissue to reduce trauma while safely achieving the highest quality outcome, you're going to LOVE this!


- Newer tattooists - PERFECT YOUR STYLE ON PAPER BEFORE YOU LEARN HOW TO DO THIS TATTOOING!  (No online course will teach you how to tattoo scar tissue, but this one can't be missed if you're taking an areola training soon!)



- Everything you need to do this tattooing well and connect with your clients!


8 week LIVE MENTORSHIP with Stacie-Rae

Starting June 21 and Sept. 14:

- WEEKLY GROUP CALLS  -  critiques and homework to help you grow

- Each Enrollment will be automatically added to the live call schedule and student will receive an email invitation prior to start date.

- Get real advice WEEKLY from other tattoo professionals with the same struggles!




the A.R.T. system of achieving lasting depth and texture without causing further trauma to the skin is finally available to ALL professionally trained medical tattooists!  AND to those who are about to take training - come see how the trainers you love learned how to draw!!  They all trained with A.R.T.!  You can SEE it in their work - now I'll show YOU how!


LIVE course with weekly zoom calls after the weeks lessons are complete, and we will have fun talking about why nipples are so 'weird' and why perfectionism will hold you back from being amazing.


This course is an entire system that not only helps you become an amazing artist and find your own style, but connect more deeply with your clients and understand the technical aspects of what makes a great nipple tattoo - natural results that stand the test of time.


Others have tried to copy the A.R.T. secrets so we'll just share them with you to ensure that YOU have the best quality of work available.

By the time you are finished this course, you will draw better than any other areola trainer out there, and know how to tattoo in a way that saves that delicate tissue from being damaged further.


This course, as all online courses, are merely complimentary to in-person training.  Poorly executed tattoo work often leads to negative body dysmorphia and depression in survivors at a time when they really need to find self-acceptance and joy.   We'll talk about that too - your trainer has received bad nipple tattoos and will do everything in her power to make sure noone else has to feel that way about their body.  That's our real motivation...


We are each responsible for our ability to do great work. This course will make you amazing, and help you make sense of the intimidating factors of this work. 

If you are thinking about taking areola training, start here for a solid foundation.

If you want to improve the artistic side of your work, this is what you need!


$100 worth of materials are included, your entire A.R.T. system and how to use it - if you understand how to tattoo scar tissue, this course will make you better than your trainer in a mere 8 weeks!


You will be manually enrolled once payment is processed - keep an eye out for an email from 

  • Enrollment

    Enrollment will be done manually by Admin once payment has fully cleared. 

    Keep an eye out for your welcome email as well as an email asking for your mailing address for materials.

  • Shipping

    Shipping of course materials is included in the USA - buyers outside of the US will have the option to either be invoiced for shipping or receive a $50 discount on the course price.

    You will be required to send us a message with your mailing address.  Keep an eye out on the email requesting that information.

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