Hybrid Education


A.R.T. students START as advanced tattooists!


A 36-lesson course you can do at your own speed, with assignments and feedback on each submission

This class was designed to fill in all the holes that standard areola trainings miss, such as:

Artistic Realism, Finally learn how to create true depth and texture from an award-winning fine artist who's been to art school

How to create for longevity, so that your work looks better as it ages, with 20 year longevity as the goal

How to read and FEEL scar tissue, so you begin to understand how to adapt and make subtle adjustments to your technique

Learn FROM someone who has had a mastectomy to really understand your clients actual needs.

Live Q&A with Stacie-Rae weekly to discuss common struggles and solutions

Designed for nipple tattooists who want their work to look more natural and dynamic

Designed for medical or cosmetic tattooists wanting to get into this work the best way possible and avoid common mistakes.


-For Experienced machine Tattooists only

-$3995 includes: 

***MEDARTPRO SKINS, World Famous Pink Ribbon pigment set, nipplebacks, A.R.T. Areola Restorative Tattoo book

-Drawing and art lessons to achieve realistic looking tattoos that LAST

-Practise tattooing on MEDARTPRO SKINS, the only way to learn scar tissue without harming clients 

-Tattooing on live models, assisted by trainer in a collaborative manner

-Ongoing mentorship, described below

-In-depth look at tattooing scar tissue and understanding reconstructions

-Your role as a visual healer, and how to help clients to finally move on.

-Online presence, referrals, promotions and ongoing recommendations

-NIPPLEBACKS sample package, with option to design and name your own style

-A true sense of community, with ongoing support and encouragement

-Traditional Tattoo industry trade secrets, tips and tricks that you simply can't learn anywhere else

-Local Referrals and local event invitations. 

(Other options available for experienced tattoo artists, we can discuss options once application reviewed)


Included in both courses, this is also available as a solo option, to advanced and skilled tattooists with a solid foundation.

-$1500 includes A.R.T. book, MEDARTPRO SKINS, World Famous Pink Ribbon Series pigment set, and "A.R.T. Certified" status when finished to satisfaction and knowledge is clearly learned and applied.

-Video chats with Stacie-Rae every second week, covering the ongoing struggles you will face, building true confidence. 

-Assistance and support for branding yourself and ideas to get yourself recognized in your community and beyond. 

-Valuable drawing assignments and positive critiques, including easy ways to make your tattooing appear more realistic.

-Extensive conversations regarding client care, emotional implications, how to approach surgeons, needle choices

-Catered to each artist based on individual needs and desires.  For traditional tattooers, I teach decorative scar coverup faux-pas.  For experienced cosmetic tattooists, we will develop technical skills that will improve all your services.

-Understand what it's actually like to experience a mastectomy, to give you better relatability to your clients.

-If you'd like to take a class in the future, the cost of the mentorship is removed from the cost of the class!

A.R.T. Certification Experienced Machine
All Deposits are Non-Refundable.  Open Communication is valued above all.
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