A.R.T. students START as advanced tattooists!


-For Experienced machine Tattooists only

-$4295 includes: 

***MEDARTPRO SKINS, World Famous Pink Ribbon pigment set, nipplebacks, A.R.T. Areola Restorative Tattoo book

-Drawing and art lessons to achieve realistic looking tattoos that LAST

-Practise tattooing on MEDARTPRO SKINS, the only way to learn scar tissue without harming clients 

-Tattooing on live models, assisted by trainer in a collaborative manner

-Ongoing mentorship, described below

-In-depth look at tattooing scar tissue and understanding reconstructions

-Your role as a visual healer, and how to help clients to finally move on.

-Online presence, referrals, promotions and ongoing recommendations

-NIPPLEBACKS sample package, with option to design and name your own style

-A true sense of community, with ongoing support and encouragement

-Traditional Tattoo industry trade secrets, tips and tricks that you simply can't learn anywhere else

-Local Referrals and local event invitations. 

(Other options available for experienced tattoo artists, we can discuss options once application reviewed)


Included in both courses, this is also available as a solo option, to advanced and skilled tattooists with a solid foundation.

-$1500 includes A.R.T. book, MEDARTPRO SKINS, World Famous Pink Ribbon Series pigment set, and "A.R.T. Certified" status when finished to satisfaction and knowledge is clearly learned and applied.

-Video chats with Stacie-Rae every second week, covering the ongoing struggles you will face, building true confidence. 

-Assistance and support for branding yourself and ideas to get yourself recognized in your community and beyond. 

-Valuable drawing assignments and positive critiques, including easy ways to make your tattooing appear more realistic.

-Extensive conversations regarding client care, emotional implications, how to approach surgeons, needle choices

-Catered to each artist based on individual needs and desires.  For traditional tattooers, I teach decorative scar coverup faux-pas.  For experienced cosmetic tattooists, we will develop technical skills that will improve all your services.

-Understand what it's actually like to experience a mastectomy, to give you better relatability to your clients.

-If you'd like to take a class in the future, the cost of the mentorship is removed from the cost of the class!

A.R.T. Certification Experienced Machine
All Deposits are Non-Refundable.  Open Communication is valued above all.
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