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Areola Intro Course

Areola Intro Course


AREOLA INTRO - Introduction to Areola Tattooing - the RIGHT way:


This is the most challenging and rewarding work a tattoo professional can do!  But how hard can it be?  This course will set you up to know what the path to success really looks like, without spending thousands of dollars on trainings to realize the truth - IT'S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!


What you'll get:

  • Artistic Ability - what's involved to get a natural and realistic result that lasts
  • Technical Excellence - how to work with the ever changing variable - the Scar itself
  • Trauma-Informed Tattooing - a poorly executed tattoo can remind a survivor of what she lost, here's how to deal with those emotions


Everyone wants to be great at what they do - and with so many nipple trainings out there - what does it really take to rise above the rest?


How are 80% of tattooists causing further damage without knowing how to rise above it?


*because, sadly, not enough trainers are being honest about how hard this work really is.  And we're tired of the survivors paying the price for that - so here's the nitty gritty about the path to actual mastery!

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