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  • 3RS - the space between the needles in this tiny shader ensures that you can implant pigment to the depth required without causing stress to the surface of the skin.

  • 8RS - start to create your depth and texture loosely like an oil painter, while being incredibly gentle with that fragile tissue.

  • 9CM + 13CM - create a nice light areola with a smooth and consistent finish and a soft, natural edge.  Use the 9CM closer to the nipple for higher saturation and the 13CM to create a subtle, irregular outer edge!

The ideal variety box of needle cartridge boxes specifically for use in damaged skin!  When we are CREATING artistry in compromised tissue, we must think about it like 'starting a conversation' with the scar to ask it how it needs to be tattooed.

Whether you are doing scar reduction or camoflauge, restorative tattooing or scar coverup tattoos, these 2 boxes combined have the best of all worlds!


Plus, the teal coloured finger ledge is not only an extra safety feature to prevent your machine from becoming contaminated, but it helps you do more precise work without exhausting your hands with its soft grip.

  • 3RL - now that you can assess HOW the skin healed and retained pigment, you can plan your detailing and refining session with ease.  TIghten up what you started.

  • 5RS - A smaller shader will help you add the details that really create those hyper realistic results you want. The perfect needle for montgomery glands!

  • 7CM + 11CM - This combo allows you to fill in any inconsistencies without overlapping.  The 11CM gives you a broad enough surface area to do a light wash over the entire nipple with a complimentary tone.

The ideal variety box of needle cartridge boxes specifically for use in damaged skin!  When we are REFINING our artistry in fragile tissue, we must Evaluate how the first session healed so we can plan how to approach the second session.  

Once you learn how THIS scar likes to retain pigment, you will know exactly what it needs to fine-tune your lasting results with precision and ease.


TatSoul creates the broadest range of needle and cartridge choices while maintaining a high level of consistency and integrity.

TatSoul is one of the longest running and most progressive tattoo supply companies, always staying ahead of the game.  So of course I was honoured to work with them to bring this highest offering to the professional tattoo community.  Needles ARE our MAIN point of contact with our client, and the part that makes the mark!

Without them, whats the point?


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