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Updated: May 26

Ready for some Controversy?

This is a good one - I created a post that said a nurse taking a tattoo training was like a tattoo artist taking a nursing training - with the intention of clarifying that no serious trade can be learned just in one training.

*Yes, maybe I could have worded it better - "class" may have been a better word than "training" - but that's ok - I'm not perfect and I deserve grace in those moments, too.

*Because the post was inspired by yet another doctor thinking he could just send his nurse to my training and they'll be able to do what we do!

What ensued was mayhem - with nurses ganging up on me, attacking me and my profession and defending themselves to no end.

*But you know what didn't happen?

- Not a one of them stood up for the survivors GETTING the tattoo - confirming my point exactly.

This was all my own followers - that probably know I’ve lost my breasts AND my reconstruction AND been the victim of botched nipples. They acted like I should only say things they approve of... Or 'in a way' that they approve of!

Here’s what I think is going to happen:

- this topic has caused so much of a ripple that I bet a bunch of pmu trainers will start to advertise their courses to non tattooers, saying how great they are and “you CAN learn this in a week and don’t you listen to big bad Stacie-Rae - she's just a B, anyway, you come take MY course, I'll teach you what you want to know... sign right here, baby”

Then the defiant non-tattooers will hear what they want and run out and get the feel good, head pat experience they think gives them confidence

Then they’ll go on to scar a few dozen survivors - before they realize how hard it is to learn to tattoo.

But they won’t stop- not yet

Eventually, they’ll come to the conclusion on their own that maybe they DIDN'T learn enough, and they should retrain or keep taking courses -

- because now they’re committed, now they wear a “tattoo artist” hat and they like the way it sounds. Taking it away would be like taking candy from a baby. They won’t like it.


I deliver this message with force, back by sacred rage - for the women who need and deserve better, hoping it will inspire respect amongst those willing to listen

*And stop them from harming the people they really want to help. And I know they just want to help...

Listen, if you really want to be a tattoo artist- be my guest. But it’s NOT easy and it CANT be learned in one training and that’s the simple truth. Period.

I’m sorry if youve been sold a lie. Not everyone should tattoo just because they can get their hands on a certificate.

We have to do better for survivors. End of story.

P.S. -

Now remember - it's my life's calling to train and help tattooists get better at this - so it doesn't serve me professionally to tell anyone not to take a training.

- But my business was designed to raise these standards.

*And if it protects survivors from getting tattoo work that may be detrimental to their emotional well-being then I've done a better job than perpetuating this problem by remaining silent about it.

These survivors are my SISTERS and I intend to STAND for them with every ounce of my being.


Please please please be choosy with who you get restorative tattooing done by. Make sure they've been tattooing AT LEAST 3 years - NO LESS. Ask to see their healed tattoo work and their drawings. And make sure they didn't learn online- that they went and took an in-person training with someone who is also proven - artistically and technically. And the biggest bonus will be if they have scar tissue training and experience.


- all this being said - sure, anyone can learn to tattoo - but since many trainings are money focused over quality - how do you learn to tattoo well? You NEED strong fundamentals in healthy skin before learning anything about damaged skin.

*First, you must love tattooing as an art form, do not treat this ancient profession like a task. *Draw - if you are tattooing areolas, draw them for at least 1,000 hours. If that sounds like too much then this isn't the job for you. Sorry but it has to be said.

*Learn from someone who cares about you doing good work. How do you find this person? It's buyer beware out there! If they tell you it's easy to learn - they might not be invested.

It is my humble but strong opinion that an experienced body artist or pmu tattooist can learn paramedical artistry after 3 years of working in healthy skin. If you skip this step it is your clients who pay the price and thats why this ideal has caused so much controversy.

If you aren't completely in love with the art of tattooing, maybe don't pick up a tattoo machine, you may be doing yourself and your clients - and our trade - a disservice.

Sorry - but someones gotta set it straight - it's hard to learn - AND it's worth it ;)

Watch my PARAMEDICAL TATTOO PODCAST Episode on this topic at YouTube

or listen on SoundCloud

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