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Can I be a NIPPLEBACKS model?

*We are always looking for photos of NIPPLEBACKS in the wild!

And we repay the favor with freebies!!

Let's make these pictures count and bring out the side that cancer tried to take away ;)

The BEST photos are clear and well-lit, here are some more tips:

- Look and feel your sexiest, then take that photo!

- a flattering angle, not quite straight on

- no bathroom selfies - they're always blurry and unflattering

- a sunny day in the shade gives great lighting

- watch out for shadows and where the light casts

- be aware of the background - no kids or pets running around ;)

- Take off your necklace and put your hair up if you do not want to be recognized

If you want to play, and show other women what's possible for them, please send your photos via email, along with your mailing address and preferred style to  We promise to be very respectful with your share ;)

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