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How do I find a great Tattooist?

When you are ready for the real thing, expertly done Areola Restorative Tattooing can help you feel great about your body again!

The scary part is that poorly done areola tattoos can cause you to feel worse about your new body, and lead to negative body dysmorphia or even depression...

Choosing a GREAT tattooist is imperative to your emotional healing. Here's what to look for:

- At least 3-5+ years machine tattoo experience

- Proven in-person, hands-on training (online training is NOT ENOUGH)

- Artistic ability - see their nipple drawings! They should be proud to show them off!

- Healed results - ask to see their 6month old + results

- Hands-On training and Experience with Scar tissue (if not a body artist).

You could ask your artist specific questions, like:

 - "what can go wrong with tattooing radiated skin?"

 - "What are the risks if I am on ...x... treatment/drug?"

 - "How will we handle things if I get an infection?"

And expect the artist to have a strong and immediate answer, that this is already in their wheelhouse and they are ready for specific challenges.

Be not impressed if they are doing areola tattoos for free - often they have taken an online course and are looking for guinea pigs. And DEFINITELY do not be impressed by the medical professional doing this work - they have probably not taken any real tattoo training. Think about it like this - if they couldn't get a job in a nice tattoo studio, DO NOT GET TATTOOED BY THEM!

Here is a list of tattoo professionals that our founder, Stacie-Rae, has personally vetted and approved. Since she received botched nipple tattoos, she has made it her life's work to ensure others don't have to go through the mental hit that she took to learn that having no nipples is better than having BAD nipples!

Tattoo heARTists at

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