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Choosing an Artist

How to choose a great artist for your tattoo!!

Well, for one - there is alot of misinformation around pigment right now, so the best thing to do is find an artist you like. I will guarantee you that NO good artist in the world would risk their clients to save a buck on cheap pigment - see that their work is artistic, technically sound and they have lots of their own drawings to show that they put in that extra effort.

Stay away from anyone tattooing less than 3-5 years, I say this because they simply don't understand enough about feel through biofeedback to do consistent work in scar tissue. If you're getting tattooed locally, start asking tattooed people who they like in town, and actually GO INTO local shops yourself!

This is how to find the right artist for you Tattooing is such an integral part of the healing journey for those of us who choose tattoos, since art is 'subjective' this question can't be answered anecdotally - you have to actually meet and talk with people - and before you do that have a good idea of what kind of tattooing and coverage you would like so you have a solid starting point for your conversation with the master you seek xo enjoy the journey!

If you are willing to travel for the right artist, then search the hashtag #mastectomytattoo and analyze style rather than subject matter.

*and to add one more to the pigment debate, I NEED to say that NO tattoo has ever caused cancer, or any other disease. Beyond the obvious slight risk of infection that is present any time you break the skin. Tattoos are safe - just look at how many tattooed people are running around planning their next tattoo!!!

You rarely see people with just one tattoo - and that says it all, really.

You will find research that shows pigment molecules have been discovered in lymph nodes, but they didn't say if the subjects had laser tattoo removal, which works through the lymphatic system. To date, there is NO RESEARCH at all that shows tattooing is unsafe in any way - so artist choice comes down to artist experience and your own personal preference.

More to come on this topic! There will be a part 2 to discuss what makes a good tattoo!

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