We are a global collective of highly advanced and heart-centered tattoo artists.  We work together to ensure that we offer only the best in permanent Areola & Artistic Restorative Tattooing.

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We firmly believe that this advanced tattooing should ONLY be executed by a skilled specialist.  We have strong pre-requisites and require strong commitment to excellence.  That's how we can always do our best!


We created the most advanced solutions to the common problems we saw in restorative tattooing with:

*Artistic Beginnings

*Permanent Pigments

*Temporary Nipples

*Scarred Practice Skins

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A.R.T. Mission Statement

“Because the school was so far from the academic mainstream, 

I had the opportunity to think outside the rigid parameters of 

belief that prevail in conventional academia”



A.R.T. Artistic & Areola Restorative Tattooing


- Is so different from any other medical tattoo training, that it gives students a real chance to see how much more is possible than they realize.  We are here to heal…


*Current training protocols limit tattooists to rules and boundaries that show up as stagnant results.  Measurements that do not work on every body, producing work that falls short of honoring natures true beauty.


*A.R.T.ists take the time to blow up old ideas and dissect what will work long-term and what will not.  We study all aspects in-depth to see what more is truly possible.


*Then, we collaborate and share all of our knowledge to get the most out of our individual skills and encourage each other to push past our own boundaries to create the most dynamic and realistic work possible, all while we continue to constantly grow and evolve as professionals.


*This is how we can assure that all of our clients have access to the most advanced tattooing available, and how we inspire progress straight across the board while keeping our competitive edge and consistently high standards met.


*This motivation comes from our founders own mastectomy experience and actually knowing what its like to lose her breasts and nipples.  AND how horrible is to have bad nipple tattoos.   


*We are all driven by a desire to inspire deep emotional healing by the ancient and sacred ART of tatau, rather than simply perform a basic or superficial task.  *This is the new gold standard - Heart-centered, highly advanced specialists.



Since nurses and doctors already HAVE a profession, the drive just isn’t there to find personal greatness in this challenging art form.  We absolutely do not believe that this work should be received by anyone who is not an experienced tattoo professional and artist at heart.  

-It will show, and it is the survivors who pay the price for this lack of passion and dedication to perfecting a timeless craft. 


The true test is this - if the practitioner could not gain employment as a tattoo professional, then WHY would you let them tattoo you???  

-Would you let your tattooer set your broken bone or administer an IV if you’re ill?

*Exactly.  But here’s the thing, we only focus on what we're here to do!  We are ARTists.

-You deserve nothing but the BEST!  Don’t settle for less.



©Stacie-Rae, Founder, A.R.T. was started in 2009

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