Mission Statement

We believe that every survivor needs and deserves

a great tattoo that is artistic and technically sound.

We believe that every Tattooist deserves the training and support

to be able to create the best work possible.


We are here to provide that support.

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Highly Innovative education protocol that includes a balanced and thorough approach to virtual, hands-on training, the ONLY training to include a practicum.

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A global collection of advanced medical and healing tattoo professionals, ready to help survivors reclaim their body on their terms and move on for good!



The most innovative products, books and patented inventions currently available in Paramedical Artistry, take a look at how A.R.T. can help your skills and your business.


A.R.T. Annual
coming soon!




Take a closer look at what your favorite heARTists are up to!

Learn more about the innovations that 2021 inspired and where we're taking them.

Hear from industry leaders

and see what else is coming your way!

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