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the A.R.T. of

Artistic + Restorative Tattoo

Medical Tattooing:

Tattoo Experts






For Breast Cancer Survivors and others who are in need of Restorative Tattoo Arts


For Experienced Tattoo Professionals who desire to help clients emotional healing

Advancing ParaMedical Artistry

A Method, a Movement, a Mission

Areola Restoration is a MEDICAL ART, not unlike medical illustration or creating prosthetics.  It is NOT a medical 'procedure' and must be completed by a skilled tattoo professional rather than a medical professional unskilled at the art of tattoo.

Medical Tattoo Services:


Scar Revision

CIT - Collagen Induction Therapy, microneedling, dry-needling - are all the same thing.  Simple needling techniques can improve a scars condition.
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Restorative Tattoo

A Well-Done Tattoo can bring a Visual sense of Completion:
Unilateral, Bilateral, Top Surgery, and even gender-affirming care, which is NOT PMU!

Scar Cover-Ups

A Beautiful way to reclaim your body is with a decorative scar cover-up.  Scars for any reason can be hidden in a well done artistic design.

Our Impact:

We offered the first ever mentorship in this area, giving tattooists the support they needed to find their own greatness.  We believe so much in our process that we refer our students to survivors everywhere.

We created the first ever permanent areola pigment set, the first ever areola needle cartridges, the only scarred practice skins, the first to represent all ethnicities, and Temporary Areola Tattoos for survivors to try A.R.T. on before committing to real tattoos, or if they're unable to.

A.R.T. Tattoo heARTists are some of the best in the world, and since everything we do is rooted in emotional healing and excellence, we know you're in good hands.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be on the site!

When Our Founder got 'botched'
nipple tattoos...

...she could barely stand to look in the mirror.  Stacie-Rae had already been doing areola tattoos for 4 years when a nipple tattoo 'trainer' overworked her too-fragile skin.

Technical Skillset, Artistic Ability, + Trauma Awareness are required for tattoos to be healing.

Otherwise, they may cause harm....

Knowing first-hand what survivors go through, she decided to start a movement...

Mission Statement:

We believe that every survivor/previvor deserves world-class tattooing.

We believe that every tattoo professional deserves world-class training and products.

We are here to provide that while raising standards.

The NEW Gold Standard - A.R.T.

Join the Movement

Join the gamechangers raising standards in medical tattooing. 


Help our trusting clients truly heal and move on for good!

How do we do that? 

1. Artistic Ability

2. Technical Excellence 

3. Becoming trauma informed. 


The Trifecta of the Healing Tattoo Artist!

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