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Vitiligo 2-toned practice skins, Ideal for perfecting your camoflauge blends and techniques!


Become so familiar with the way your pigments compliment different skin tones that you'll never make a mistake on a client again!


What better way to master your hand technique with different needle groupings and configurations than a large area.  When you can consistently fill in a larger area with smooth saturation, you know you are mastering your skills.


The perfect portfolio piece to discuss with your clients what will work and what won't work with certain skin tones, and why.  Let them hold the skin and feel it and examine the consistency - its the best way to manage client expectations!


We aim for variations in tone as a way to keep you from forming habits or preferences which may not work in some clients.  We know these challenges help build your mastery and you can also talk with your clients about this. 


They will understand that each skin tone presents unique obstacles to overcome and you can talk to them about your game plan to put their mind at ease.

When you realize the power of practice, you'll want to play with ALL of our products!


Silicone Fitz tone Sheet - Patent-Pending for skin tone representation

- the first tattoo practice items to represent ALL ethnicities!

6 ½ x 6 ½ inches hexagon, 100 g ~ $12 (2 tone sheet)


  • Features individual skin tones as recognized on the ‘Fitzpatrick Scale’ 1-6, (light to dark) on one (skin textured) sheet. 

  • 2 Tone blended sheet feature 2 contrasting tones on 1 sheet; great for comparing pigment in different skin tones side-by-side.


Inspired by Frankenskins, who otherwise copied our patent-pending ideas, so we decided it must be ok to copy our favorite idea of theirs, too!

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