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Skins 3-pk

Skins 3-pk


Silicone Fitz tone Sheet - Patent-Pending for skin tone representation

- the first tattoo practice items to represent ALL ethnicities!


Receive 2 each of Fitz 1-3 and ONE 2-tone or light vitiligo to practice and perfect all your tattoo styles on the lighter skin tone ranges!  At your best possible price on 3!


medARTpro practice skins are hand-poured in the highest quality with details such as skin texture, making them incredibly easy to tattoo and get great results.  

- all 6" sheets have our unique skin textured surface for the highest quality outcomes on your portfolio pieces!


These skins are not recommended for every day practice, these are high-end skins for you to showcase your best work in a portfolio that your clients can touch and feel and look close up at your skills!


They are also ideal for the pieces you want to show when you are meeting new networking referrals, doctors, surgeons, and nurses.  Show different color blends and techniques to really wow those you want to work with you!


6 ½ x 6 ½ inches hexagon, 100 g ~ 


  • Features individual skin tones as recognized on the ‘Fitzpatrick Scale’ 1-6, (light to dark) on one (skin textured) sheet. 

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