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a 3-pack of our 6" medARTpro skins

- with a Fitz 1, a Fitz 3, and a 2-toned skin for you to really play around with your color blends.


Give yourself an opportunity to really learn how your color blends apply to different skin tones - the PERFECT way to showcase your skills in a consultation.


Allow your client to examine your great lines and shading, while you talk to them about the best color options for their skin tone!


Pictures never do your work justice, so these high-quality skin-textured skins will help your client really see how great your work is and build trust that keeps them talking about you for years to come!  

- all 6" sheets have our unique skin textured surface for the highest quality outcomes on your portfolio pieces!


3 skins included in this pack, all light-medium colors with a chance to have fun on our unique, patent-pending 2-toned sheets!


The back of the 2-tone is tattooable, with a smooth surface in Fitz 4 for a great variety of tones to play with!



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