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MINIS - 3-pk

MINIS - 3-pk


When you need the PERFECT portfolio pieces, you buy them in 3's!


One each of Fitz 1, 2, and 3 so you can practice and perfect your color blends AND your 3D technique.


Do one color blend on the top of the mini and change your variation on the back so you can talk to clients about warmer tones vs. cooler tones and neutrals, and actually SHOW them what you mean!


Clients LOVE to pick up and handle a tattooed item, so make sure you do your best work.  When they inspect it, they'll see that you are the heARTist for them!


Use with the full A.R.T. system, TatSoul's A.R.T. areola cartridges, and Ever After Stacie-Rae Areola Pigments!


    All orders in the USA are shipped first class tracked via USPS.

    You should be emailed a tracking code once your items have shipped.

    Please allow 2-6 weeks, although most orders arrive within the week.

    Please do not message us until you've waited 6 weeks, as USPS warns us that covid has slowed down delivery noticably. 

    Thank you for your patience!

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