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The perfect portfolio piece to showcase both your ability to work with skin features on the 'front' with its topographical challenges...


- AND your ability to create a 3D optical illusion on the smooth back!


Buy in a variety of skin tones and use a different color combination on the front AND the back to show yourself and your clients how different shades and blends look in different skin tones.  A great way to show your work as well as a great discussion piece.


These are great little portfolio pieces for when you go to build relationships with local surgeons if you are a qualified and experienced areola professional!  Know your pigments through and through, and how your color blends handle skin tones, and use this knowledge to impress potential surgeon partnerships!


Did you know that we were the FIRST to create practice skins in a variety of skin tones and its patent-pending?  It's true!  They didn't exist on the market before we filed our patent, and we are very excited about the possibilities that this has opened up!


Use with any type of tattoo pigment, but we always show our items with the world famous pink ribbon series because we curated it!!  The first permanent pigment for areola restoration!


MSRP - $20/ea or 3 for $50

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