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MED/ART/PRO SKINS Mastectomy Kit: 

Patent-Pending & hand created Silicone Tattoo Models 

~ for custom education, practice and portfolio display!


You can easily tattoo 7 different nipple/areola complex designs on the back of the base - the perfect way to get familiar with your color blends and how they work together!


Skins are replaceable and the entire base is tattooable - if you want your 3D portfolio to evolve with your skills.  People love tangible items that they can pick up and inspect, so this is the perfect way to show them how artistic your areola tattooing is becoming and build a trusting relationship before you tattoo them.


SKINS SET (includes) : 

1 x solid plain breast BASE (light skin tone) 

1 x SKIN with mastectomy damage (med/light skin tone)

1 x MINI single nipple models (different skin tones per kit)

1 x brochure/gift pack 

1 x custom cloth tote


Total silicone model measures: 3 ½ x 8 ½ inches, 1.2 kg


RETAIL: $160  


If a product is sold out here, it's probably because we used our supply to stock our favorite distributors - TatSoul, Ever After Beauty Supply and Kingpin Tattoo Supply