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the JOE

Androgynous, this ones for the boys AND the girls!! 


We decided to bring back a revamped version of the JOE, designed by A.R.T. Senior partner and head creator of magic, Samantha Rae.  This one is great for the male breast cancer survivors, as well as anyone who has received top surgery for any reason and was unable to save or keep your natural nipples.   Also great for the petite women as it is a smaller size


This style is 1.5" x 2", so it is a little smaller and oval shaped.  


Each package has 13 units, for a total of 6 pairs 

(plus one extra - just incase)


All NIPPLEBACKS are printed on a transparent background so that your natural skin tone shows through for a fitting look on pretty much anyone. 


* Some colours and styles will work better with you than others, and thats why we have a huge variety.  

* All ingredients are FDA approved and NIPPLEBACKS are safe for use on anyone once the initial wound site is closed.

* Normal wear expectation is 5-10 days, but some buyers enjoy up to 30 days of wear with careful washing and light powdering.

* NIPPLEBACKS can be easily removed after a shower, or with use of hand sanitizer or eucalyptus oil

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