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Honored A.R.T. Membership

Honored A.R.T. Membership


For the best of the best, be featured on THE Areola Artist database for North America and beyond.


Honored heARTists have not been through our training, but they look like they have!  They do the best work we've seen and we're honored to help survivors find them!


Did you know that each and every NIPPLEBACKS sale refers buyers to this space for permanent tattooing when they're ready?  It's true!  That puts your studio on a list seen by hundreds of survivors a month!


Included is a heARTist badge, a link from our website, and a social media announcement as well as *some* sharing of your best work (whatever we won't get reported for, our accounts are the most flagged and most reported out there - thats the cost of realism I guess!)


Also Included (if not already purchased, while supplies last):

- A.R.T. System - Areola Flash, Stencil Sheets, Choose your Look Book, and NIPPLEBACKS variety pack ($100 value)

- A.R.T. Magazine, 20% off all Virtual Courses, and access to some of our group mentorship calls!

Price Options
Honored Membership
$99.00every year until canceled