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DEBBIE - L - 2.5"

DEBBIE - L - 2.5"




Debbie just went through a redesign to be even stronger and hold the 3D depth even longer!  the old style was looking a little flat and this style looks great on a larger veriety of skin tones and larger size breasts!  


Our Original design and best seller, DEBBIE, designed by Stacie-Rae and named after her mother, who we lost to ovarian cancer and sparked this whole movement!  Debbie was a gamechanger in her own right, as Canada's first licensed female barber back in the '70's!


Designed for light skin, this style is strong enough to work on most skin tones up to medium.  


Each package has 7 units, for a total of 3 pairs

- plus one extra just incase ;)


All NIPPLEBACKS are printed on a transparent background so that your natural skin tone shows through for a fitting look on pretty much anyone. 


* Some colours and styles will work better with you than others, and thats why we have a huge variety.  

* All ingredients are FDA approved and NIPPLEBACKS are safe for use on anyone once the initial wound site is closed.

* Normal wear expectation is 5-10 days, but some buyers enjoy up to 30 days of wear with careful washing and light powdering.

* NIPPLEBACKS can be easily removed after a shower, or with use of hand sanitizer or eucalyptus oil


    No returns or exchanges.

    This is an intimate item and there will be a zero return policy, of course.

    Make sure you order the style you like best for now!  If you are unsure, then try the variety pack and see what looks best on you!

    When we have a buyer who either finds a style they love more or ends up getting tattoos and doesn't need them, we ask that you pay it forward in your community and gift them to a breastie to try on!

    They may just make their week!


    All orders in the USA are shipped first class tracked via USPS.

    You will be emailed a tracking code after your items have shipped.

    Please allow 6 weeks, although most order arrive within the week.

    Please do not message us until you've waited 6 weeks, as USPS warns us that covid has slowed down delivery noticably.   That being said - USPS tells us to allow up to 6 weeks, but 95% of orders do arrive within the week.  If you experience a delay, thank you for your patience - we hate them just as much as you do!  We want you wearing them and feeling great!

    Thank you for your patience.  Wear often and love your body!

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