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A.R.T. FLASH/Diagram

A.R.T. FLASH/Diagram


Since A.R.T. was designed by an old-school tattoo artist and we do our best to inspire a permanent, body-artist approach to this meaningful work, of course we started the whole thing with a NAC FLASH SHEET


The beauty in the simplicity of this is that it is much like a medical diagram sheet, with artistic renderings of the Nipple/Areola Complex.

- Each style is a NIPPLEBACKS, allowing your clients to wear styles before committing to a permanent tattoo!

- Sit down with your client and go over the variety of styles and color combinations. 

- Talk about what works best and choose colors together.

- Use the drawings as reference to recreate the texture and style of the original that designed it.

- Keep on the wall of your studio as a conversation starter


You'll be surprised at the value this humble little sheet adds to your days.  Even your regulars will be thinking about you when they run into survivors and tell them "oh, did you know my tattooist also does nipple tattoos?"


This diagram sheet is an integral part of the A.R.T. system, which is lovingly designed to eradicate the poorly done nipple tattoo.  We keep our promise to survivors to raise the standards of NAC restoration by supporting all tattooists in doing and being their absolute best!


We only support experienced tattooists doing this work.  If you are still in the first few years of tattooing and building your foundation, please see our A.R.T. online course to learn more about whats important, from the perspective of an art-school educated 25yr body tattooer who also lost her breasts!

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