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the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoos


A mission, A method, a Movement

A.R.T. has single-handedly changed the face of restorative tattooing.  Created out of necessity, the concept outgrew itself quickly.  Are you ready to take this vision to scale?


​Experiencing 'botched nipple tattoos' first-hand gave us an introspective view into what is lacking in this field, making it easy to create a solution that is not only easy to apply and follow, but build into an industry-wide retraining effort, with the right instructors.


With proven body art methods, we created a fail-safe approach to learning this advanced skill.  All the support a student could need, structured in a way that makes it easy to follow along and add your own flair and style to.


A group of advanced areola artists came together with a shared vision - to work together to raise standards in paramedical artistry around the world

Student Success in Advanced Training

Dedication to Evolution in Paramedical Artistry:



The first ever to have and protect pre-requisites for advanced tattoo training.  This ensures that all students are able to comprehend and apply their new skills with confidence.  Reducing mistakes that could lead to a negative affect on our clients emotional well-being and healing process.


Business Integration Plan

A common complaint we hear is that students lack confidence to do areola tattoos after training, so we took 10 years of problem solving and created a practicum that begins before training and includes 3 collaborative coaching sessions for targeted support.  We want to be able to refer to our students, and this ensures they meet our standards.



There is too much to learn in 3 days, so we move everything that doesn't need to be learned online into a series of virtual courses.  During training, everyone is on the same page - making class easy and fun, and silencing the innter critic so students can really learn and grow together.


Tried and True System

The first actual SYSTEM that students can follow along to develop confidence in their ability to apply.  An open creative program that encourages students to develop a personal style and flair.  Steps that make it easy to follow for ease of application and fun tattoo sessions, taking the artistic pressure off.

the A.R.T. Method

A Fail-Safe Approach to helping artists achieve painterly results in any kind of damage:

An entire system, ensuring that students have EVERYTHING they need to become great immediately.  No skipping steps, we focus on mastery mindset and action steps to develop these 3 key areas:

1. ARTISTIC ABILITY - based in body art and art school fundamentals

2. TECHNICAL APPLICATION - With the ONLY scarred practice sheets and the most advanced pigment program, practice is life-changing.

3. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - Program developed by someone who has been through it herself, ad had botched nipple tattoos too!

student work.png

Products for Tattooers & Survivors:


Temporary Areola Tattoos

medARTpro Skins

Scarred Tattoo Practice Skins

A.R.T. Products

Prints & Books

An incredibly empowering experience for those getting tattooed, these items help us to reach those who need us while making the entire tattoo process simple & fun.  *Colors match Ever After Areola Pigments - empowering the artist to choose the best color range with ease.

practice 2_4_24_edited_edited_edited.png

the A.R.T. Training Program

11 online course experiences, each to fill a specific need of the new medical tattoo pro.

*Exciting Pre-Training Program that puts ALL students on the same page for training, helping streamline and calibrate our results.

*A Hyper-Focused 3 day hands-on experience that covers the applicable knowledge in all 3 key areas - Artistic, Technical, and Emotional.

*the A.R.T. Mentorship Practicum outlines a robust business integration system that will show students how to make connections while improving their professional image in altruistic ways.

Past Students Work:

We know what it takes to be in the top 15% of areola artists worldwide

And here our previous students show that they learned it fully:

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