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A.R.T. System

A.R.T. System


What does it take to make a GREAT areola tattoo?


Design - we've designed a series of Nipple/Areola Complex portraits 

- 7 of them are on the flash/diagram sheet ($30 value)

- Each of these 7 are NIPPLEBACKS temporary areola tattoos ($25)

- All of these are designed to match the new Ever After Stacie-Rae Areola Pigment set so you see what they look like ON your clients skin tone!


Support - Line drawings to make reliable tattoo stencils from ($30)

- take the guess work away with an old-school tattoo stencil!

- professional quality master copies for a lifetime of stencils


Choose your Look Book - ($35)

- each style larger than life for ideal reference

- fits in a bottle bag for clean handling during your tattoo process

- Color AND grey reference to help you read the texture and depth


Make sure you use TatSoul's A.R.T. Areola Cartridges to achieve the best results possible in any type of scar tissue!


$120 value PLUS you can get $100 off our HYPER-REALISM course at


Simply photocopy to the size you want, or pre-copy and prepare. 

(If you pre-prepare stencils, please keep the trimmed stencils in a sealed environment so no external airborne debris can get in!)


How to make a great stencil:

Find on P. 35 of the A.R.T. Annual Magazine



    Take $100 off the HYPER-REALISM course at with this purchase!!  email us for your discount at

    50% of the cost of any products you purchase can be used toward your tuition on a full Certification that includes those products.  That means - that if the product you bought is included in the Certification you seek, 1/2 of what you spent will be refunded from the full price!


    All orders in the USA are shipped first class tracked via USPS.

    You should be emailed a tracking code once your items have shipped.

    Please allow 2-6 weeks, although most order arrive within the week.

    Please do not message us until you've waited 6 weeks, as USPS warns us that covid has slowed down delivery noticably. 

    Thank you for your patience!

    See what the rest of the team is up to at


    If a product is sold out here, it's probably because we used our supply to stock our favorite distributors - TatSoul, Ever After Beauty Supply and Kingpin Tattoo Supply

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