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Stacie-Rae is one of Canada's first female professional tattoo artists.

She is a published Author and educator, and an international speaker on the topic of post-surgery tattooing.

Award-winning and featured in countless magazines, newspapers, medical papers, primetime news features, podcasts and more.


She moved to LA to pursue opportunities with world-class surgeons doing cutting-edge work.  Her ultimate goal is to become a respected leader in this field so she can inspire a higher standard of tattoo regulation within the medical tattoo field.

Her plan to reach that goal is to help each individual client truly heal from the emotional trauma that comes from changing their body by offering technical excellence and outstanding patient attention.  She understands the magic that can be accomplished with a strong visual restoration and a soft soul.

Fully Mobile Independant Contractor, ready to come to your office or willing to consider referral program options.  Stacie-Rae would prefer to work in your office to give your patients the best possible care in the environment they are most comfortable in already.  She worked with MacLeod Trail Plastic Surgery and Dr. Farrah Yau in her hometown of Calgary, AB, Canada, for the last few years.

Stacie-Rae is registered with the Orange County Health Board, has current BBP certification and a current business license as an freelance tattoo artist.  She provides all aftercare and support by giving all clients her direct line in the rare case of healing concerns.  She is fully dedicated to long-term client satisfaction above all.

All work must be done in 2 sessions for true artistic realism.  She's ready to make your patients dreams come true!  How fantastic is your healed surgical work going to look with finishing touches done by a world-renowned expert and heart-centered specialist with a focus on emotional empowerment?

Stacie-Rae Lives in the Riverside, CA area and works with "Changing Lines" SMP Expert Roy Corona in a private Huntington Beach clinic.


She is available to work with surgeons anywhere her special services are needed.


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