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Areola Excellence with Ease.

the A.R.T. System

We make it EASY for you to get excellence results! 

We show you the way, every step of the way, here's how:

_Flash named_edited.jpg

Flash/Diagram Sheet

Tattoo studios usually have 'flash' - pre-drawn tattoo designs.  

Doctors offices usually have anatomy diagrams

Our flash sheet hits both of these areas, and:

*Great conversation starter!  Let the world know your skills by putting this framed print on your studio wall!

*Collaborate with survivors and empower their decision

*Gather information about their expectations

Put these digital copies on your website or email to your clients to get them excited about putting the 'cherry on top'!

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30 Seconds to Wholeness!

We can't wait for you to place a pair of NIPPLEBACKS on your client and watch her reaction to seeing herself as whole again.

This is the gift for doing this work, sharing that magic with them in that life-changing moment of completion...

We want YOU to be seen as the Go-To areola expert in your city and even your state, so CONGRATULATIONS!



Line Drawings

Tattoo Artists utilize stencils to enjoy consistent results.

Create stencils from these line drawings, making placement a breeze - and they are ALWAYS exactly the same size!!

Each stencil can be moved easily without having to re-draw.

Simple wipe it off and apply again (up to 3x per stencil)

This way you can achieve a standard of quality that is consistent in all of your work, and add your own flair for personal style ;)

Enjoy our digital gift of all styles:

- ready to print - enlarge or reduce for customized sizes!

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 4.05_edited.jpg

'Choose Your Look' Book

THE MOST BRILLIANT PART, slipped the look book into a 6" x 8" wash bottle bag for sanitary use during the tattoo procedure:

This book will show you all of the following:

*Color reference, AND greyscale reference of each style

*How to make a real tattoo stencil!

*What needles to use to achieve depth safely

*How to build up your colors safely

*How to use this system to maximum potential


$100 off!

We want your areola tattoos to be SO GOOD that you get reported as much as we do - so join HYPER-REALISM - the course - for $100 off!


Help your client choose a look that she loves


NIPPLEBACKS allow her to try her new nipples on!


the "Choose your Look Book" shows you how


Make Perfect stencils with our Master line drawings


Needle Cartridges for artistic excellence in any scar.


Pigments that MATCH our temp nipples for color ease!

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