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Will My Nipple Tattoos Fade?

How Many Touchups Will I Need?

-Stacie-Rae, Aug. 15, 2018

Fading nipple tattoos has been a very common problem for breast cancer survivors.

*The mission of A.R.T. is to eradicate the unreliable restorative tattoo, and to do this we worked with a high quality pigment maker, World Famous, to create the worlds first permanent and natural looking solution. The pink Ribbon series is a 16-color set created specifically for this challenging work. These pigments are made by a 30-year old company and designed to stay true to the original colour even as the client heals and ages and lives a full life.

We designed this line to enhance the techniques used to achieve realism in the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattooing. We have 3 different tones - honey, peach and mink - designed to be warm, neutral and cool so it matches anyones undertones. There are light, medium and dark tones to create the illusion of depth. (Please read Samanthas upcoming blog about pigments to understand all the variables further. This education will help you make the right decision for yourself.)

As they say, invention is born of necessity and the fading nipple was a chronic problem that needed to be solved. No breast cancer survivor deserves to have a tattoo that changes, fades, or even disappears completely! After everything they go through, we knew a trustworthy solution must be achieved. So we achieved it! Here's why:

-A standard nipple tattoo being executed in a clinic was normally done with cosmetic tattoo pigments.

-Cosmetic tattoo pigments are designed to change and fade as the face ages. It makes perfect sense for that application.

-Cosmetic pigments are designed to look very natural in the skin, as fading colours are also very ‘forgiving’. Compared to bright permanent colours designed to stand out from the skin.

-Cosmetic pigments support an industry that thrives off clients requiring touchups almost yearly, which we do not condone. We want your tattoo and happiness to last!

-Medical and restorative tattooing needs to be more reliable, as compromised tissue simply cannot handle being tattooed repeatedly. It will be damaged further and may not be fixable.

-Permanent tattoo pigment is designed to hold, true to colour, ideally for decades and never actually require touchups.

-Permanent tattoo pigment is designed to stand out from the skin. High contrast saturation is ‘unforgiving’ and seldom has a natural appearance. This is where the division is, and we had to work on creating a reliable middle ground - pigment that looks natural AND lasts forever.

-Permanent pigments age a shade a decade, exactly like our skin, hair and lips tend to do. I always suggest a touchup a decade to keep a permanent tattoo looking crisp and sharp and fresh. This is very low maintenance!! Think about a great jacket or pair of boots you’d wear everyday for 10 years, they’d need way more care than your permanent tattoo!

-MRI’s - I, Stacie-Rae, have been getting tattooed since 1989 with all kinds of different pigments. I have also been getting MRIs since being diagnosed with BRCA1 in 2009 with NO PROBLEM at all. I always ask my MRI technicians if the tattoos pose a problem so I am educated enough to inform others.

-In my own personal and inquisitive experience, world famous inks will never interfere with an MRI and this is one of the reasons we are loyal to this company. Please read Samantha’s blog to learn more about the why’s of this.

So, to finish up, our goal at A.R.T. is to create a long-lasting, realistic tattoo of the Nipple/Areola Complex (NAC). This tattoo also needs to be expertly executed for consistency of scarred or irradiated tissue. We need our clients to walk out of our studio completely in love with their newly changed body with no real worry about their tattoos changing or fading. We work diligently to achieve this goal so that our trusting clients no longer have to question this.

We are sorry to the worldwide breast cancer community for the unreliable nipple tattoos that have become the industry standard. We are sorry you have had to face the fear and pain of receiving tattoos, only to have them disappear or change colour in a few short years. We apologize for our predecessors ignorance of your actual needs to completely heal from your life-changing journey. Now we promise to unite and evolve, as well as inspire the entire industry to do better. And it’s already happening!

Since the beginning of A.R.T. in 2012, tattooists have strived for improvement across the world! We are unifying and supporting and encouraging each other to achieve better so we can take great care of breast cancer survivors, previvors and even our trans friends in all corners of the planet. Thank you for putting your trust in us, we promise to do the absolute best we can.

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