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the RESTORATIVE tattoo

Updated: May 27, 2020

The power of tattooing to give you a new visual experience of your body can help you have a better perspective of the trauma that caused the damage. We can help you rewrite that memory, and replace it with the feeling of wholeness. Sometimes, this is all we need to move on to the next chapter of our lives with excitement and confidence!

Most people don't understand that the art of tattoo holds a very magickal type of power. We have found tools to prove that tattoo is as ancient as 10,000 years old! Some cultures used tattooing to heal physical wounds, and some shamans tattooed to heal emotional and spiritual wounds.

Today, we can use meaningful and decorative tattooing to remind someone of their strength or what they've overcome, the badges that they've earned from the adversity in their lives.

Also, we can use restorative tattooing to replace what may have been lost in those times. This site mainly focuses on restoration of the nipple/areola complex, but many of us are expert enough to also handle other restorative tattooing. Be VERY careful with the tattooers that you choose to do this work, it takes a certain kind of advanced expert and definitely can't be done by anyone with less than 5 years full time tattoo experience. You can afford to be choosy and if you do, the possibilites can be endless!

- Lost a toenail or fingernail? We can put an artistic replacement on for you.

- Did your mommy makeover belly button fail? We can illustrate depth for you.

- Did your facelift leave scars in your hairline? We can fix that too.

- Have you had an accident that damaged your ear? Yup, we got you.

- Any scar for any reason, there may be tattoo options for you.

A.R.T. is a worldwide collection of expert tattooists who are dedicated to our clients healing process. Find someone in your area on the artists page right here. Send them and email and tell them about your scar or skin condition, and see what they can do! It's time for you, now, isn't it? We think so too xo

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