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How Long do NIPPLEBACKS Last?

Your NIPPLEBACKS will last about a week, especially if you clean them gently and powder them, as per instructions!

We have one loyal buyer who gets 1 entire month of wear out of each pair! There is a way to prolong wear, but first you have to understand that the design is printed on adhesive:

 - After application, be sure to wipe off all moisture and excess adhesive

 - Dry Powder to make sure no clothing fibers stick to the adhesive

 - Wash VERY gently in the shower and powder again when dry!

The perfect thing to hold you over until you're ready for REAL TATTOOS!

  • When you are ready for permanence, you will know what size and style you love on your body, and the color that works best for you in the Ever After Areola Pigment Range!

  • It takes quite some time, up to a year or more, for your scars to be ready to tattoo, and we make the waiting time easier ;)

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How do I remove my NIPPLEBACKS?

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