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How do I apply my NIPPLEBACKS?

- Clean the area well to remove all natural oils for the best results. (alcohol is ideal)

- Find the most flattering placement, this might take a few applications

- Remove plastic sheet over NIPPLEBACK

- Place NIPPLEBACK face down with the highlight at the top

- Press and Hold a wet paper towel to paper backing for 15-30 seconds

- Carefully pull paper backing away from NIPPLEBACK

- Use wet paper towel to gently wipe off all liquid and extra adhesive

- Pat dry gently, and then apply a light dusting of powder for longer wear

- Can be gently washed in the shower, dry gently and re-apply light powder

- Remove with eucalyptus oil, or some hand sanitizers work well also

- Wear often and fall in love with your new body!

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How do I remove my NIPPLEBACKS?

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