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DECORATIVE Scar Coverup Tattoos

Updated: May 27, 2020

When you've already done all you can to reduce or camouflage your scars, there's one more option...

Work pictured above is on Stacie-Rae, to cover her mastectomy scars, by Samantha Rae.

Design for the flow of your body, not your scars:

No matter what you've been through or what style you prefer, this work is so custom that once you find your expert, you will plan the project together! This is where things get fun, as anything is possible! Be open to suggestions!
Your style preference will dictate the overall look.
Your scars will dictate the size and flow.
Your artist will figure out how to make it work!

Your experience of your body is very important. So important that many people don't realize or even understand it. But once you've faced what a cancer journey will force you to face, you will never see yourself the same again. This is where the power of beauty can step in. Since your normal is long gone, we get to re-invent ourselves completely! Your body is a temple, now decorate it!



When Stacie-Rae was preparing for her mastectomy, she knew that she could get the scars covered up so she wasn't afraid of what she would end up looking like. But, she was really hoping that realistic restorative tattooing of the nipple/areola complex would take her back to feeling how she did before.
When her nipple tattoos were ruined by an underskilled 'expert', that vision was lost. So she started thinking about what would make her feel... pretty....
She came up with a fairly simple idea of doing the feathers pictured above, and let SamR have her way with it. She feels so sexy and beautiful now that the scars aren't even a passing though anymore. Sam's vision was more beautiful than she could have imagined herself.
Now, when she gets dressed to leave the house, she knows she carries a sexy little secret with her, the badass tattoos that trickle down her torso that people can't see!

Stun Yourself

Be original, Be you, Be beautiful and strong!

The beauty that can be created is one thing, but to see a previously broken body with such strength and beauty has a special power that you wouldn't see coming.


A scar is a daily reminder of what tried to hurt you. It can keep you, mentally, in a place of pain and self-loathing. Even though we don't want to admit it, it's almost always in the back of our head just a little bit.

Placing a beautiful tattoo over that area is a daily reminder of how we chose to reclaim our body, on our terms. It's our 'sexy little secret' and a reminder of what we have to look forward to instead of what we may have lost.

An intentional or healing tattoo experience can ramp up that energy to the next level, by empowering us to own that beauty in all we do. Release the old, embrace the new!

Keep the world beautiful, get a new tattoo!

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