Level up your skills

Learn what PMU training misses, avoid common mistakes while you work on your own skills and learn what is the most important and why, from one who knows.



Become a heARTist

Take Hands-on Training on the ONLY scarred practice skin and real models.  Learn how to read scar tissue so you can adapt to the challenges and be amazing.


The support you Need!

Video calls, homework, and client collaboration take us in-depth into the most difficult topics.  Grow into your true potential and release limitations.

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To help your technical growth

We introduced you artistic realism, realistic temporary nipple tattoos, permanent NAC pigments, scarred practice skins, fitz practice skins, flash, stencils, and more!

To heal through the ancient and sacred ART of the tattoo is a noble pursuit indeed.  We believe that Artistic Areola Restorative Tattooing is a calling, not just a 'service'. 


We teach you how to take the entire personality into consideration to provide a thorough sense of renewal. This allows our clients to feel whole and complete again, ready to put their journey behind them and empowered to design the next chapter of their life with excitement!


Stacie-Rae teaches her students how to add a healing element to their work, with a few different modalities.   Find purpose in your work and become a higher version of yourself in all you do!   

We've constructed a hybrid approach to help anyone at any stage of learning: 

When we learned that 38% of survivors are less happy with their bodies AFTER getting nipple tattoos, we realized why quality is SO important.  So, we refuse to lower our standards and it shows in our work!  Here are some samples of our WHY, because all of these tattoos were done by 'certified' practitioners, all of them created more harm to the skin, and they all looked ok when they were first done.  Become an expert that a survivor can really trust!:

Our Partners in Responsible Education:

Stacie-Rae Weir


Los Angeles, CA

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Caleb Knobel

Heart and Skin Tattoo

Ft. Collins, Colorado

Medical pigmentation / Dermatography

Scar & Camoflauge

Advanced Training

Lisa Meyer Lefever

Clinic Lefever

Almere, Netherlands

Jody Stoski, A.R.T. Team

Cinnamon Girl Clinic

Calgary, AB, Canada

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