The A.R.T. secret sauce - why our heARTists are so amazing - is the mentorship portion.  In all reality, this work is much too advanced to learn in 3 days of training.

So, we took a practical approach to designing the most thorough and advanced hybrid apprenticeship - like any bonafide trade.  The practicum portion includes homework, group calls, 1:1 calls and LOTS of COLLABORATION.


A.R.T. SCHOOL students enjoy a whole new approach to training, copyrighted and trademarked with our patent-pending scarred and toned practice skins!  They receive the support they need from a master who really understands how damaged tissue likes to receive pigment, safely and artistically!

So you Wanna
be a heartist?

H - Help women HEAL
E - Empower Self-Love
A - Artistic Application
R - Restore Wholeness
T - Technical Excellence


Virtual Training

A.R.T. SCHOOL begins with an 8-10 week virtual prep protocol.  When class comes, all students enjoy being on the same page so class can focus on scar tissue specifically.



Having a master tattoo artist show you something in the same light, on the same body, feeling the same depth of scar tissue is the ONLY way to understand how to tattoo it well.



In-depth conversations combined with collaborative sketching, shared digitally in an instant, trains your eye to recognize and solve common challenges.  ART + Needle choices.