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Would you like to be a heARTist too?

Are you a skilled areola artisan and want survivors to find you easier??  The ARTist page of this website has been around in various forms since 2014, and is a go-to place for clients and surgeons to find referrals for experts in their area.

We are opening up our database to other proven experienced and talented nipple and medical tattooists.

heARTist Levels:

What Does a Membership Give Me?

- A.R.T. heARTist Badge, displayed on website with direct link to your website

- Scrub Shirt with embroidered heARTist logo

- 30% off ALL new ARTSCHOOL.ink courses 

- A.R.T. Magazine, NIPPLEBACKS sample pack, A.R.T. Brochures

- Referrals and Social Media features and promotions


A.R.T. Founder Stacie-Rae had a mastectomy in 2012.  She knows what the clients really need.

We aim to ensure that breast cancer survivors have access to a higher quality of restorative NAC tattooing around the globe.

Stacie-Rae will only recommend tattooists that she would get tattooed by - artistic, technical and heart-centered experts.

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In-Person Training Testimonial:

"I can't even begin to tell you how much I've learned from Stacie-Rae!!  Her passion in the industry shines through her art, heart and the amount of work she puts in.  I feel more confident to start helping others feel more complete and connected with their bodies once again!

- K.H.

I would LOVE to be a part of the evolution of paramedical artistry!

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