A.R.T. - Created by Someone who lost her Breasts...

One of the reasons Stacie-Rae is a Badass is that she knows what the client needs because she's been there herself.

Art School educated and tattooing scars since 1998, she knows this because she's lived it.  Often imitated, there simply isn't another medical tattoo trainer on the planet that knows this like she does...

Tattooing Scars
- Level 1 Certification

Inkless Camo, Stretchmarks, ALL types of Scars, Needle choice, Healing and Reading BioFeedback

Areola Restoration
- Level 3 Certification

Learn the language of Hyper-Realism and Optical Illusion, how scars receive pigment, fixups of 'bad' nipple tattoos and how to flatter the  body.

A.R.T. Trauma Release Technique


September 25-26

November 4-6


September 30-Oct. 2

December 2-4

Dates coming soon in Canada + UK

Paramedical Artistry Apprenticeship:

We have pioneered a completely new approach and would love to share this wealth of knowledge and advanced training materials with you.

Great tattoos can help clients heal and we believe that ALL clients should have access to great tattooists around the world, thats what the A.R.T. team is all about...

We wouldn't recommend anyone we wouldn't get tattooed by ourselves, but we sure love helping artists become great, and it shows!

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What we love to see:

1-3 years minimum

Machine Experience

Why is that?  Because we need you to respect the skin.  After a few years of tattooing, you've probably made a mistake or two..  When you have been humbled by this craft, you can begin to really learn from the medium itself.

Scar Tissue Experience

Is a definite plus!

Scar Tissue is challenging as well as unpredictable, retaining pigment irregularly.  A.R.T. turns 'flaws' into 'features'.  Use skin texture to achieve hyper-realism.  Work WITH scars, instead of against them, for best results.  NOW - Level 1 Certification TATTOOING SCARS gets you there!

Emotional Healing

Responsible use of the term

Learn A.R.T. Trauma Release Technique, and learn how to responsibly manage a trauma trigger, should it occur.  Help clients truly heal and move on for good.