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August 14-15 - Oregon
Sept. 25-26 - Las Vegas
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A 100-day Paramedical Tattoo Apprenticeship

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A.R.T. Certification Program

$3,200 program includes:

- 10 weeks of online training ($1197)

- 2 Day Hands-On Training Experience

- 6 weeks of Collaborative Mentorship

  *Ensures students success after training.

Start cLean

Topics Covered:

Topics NOT Covered  - pigmented camouflage or color theory

Learn on the worlds ONLY scarred practice skins

Master your technique off-body to save our trusting clients from being 'guinea pigs'. 


Don't worry, we will also work on actual people on Day 2 - after we've made sure you know what you're doing and are ready to work on our awesome people!

virtual training
in-depth theory and research so you fully understand how wounds heal and present as scars




August 14-15, Oregon - 1 spot left!
Sept 25-26 - Las Vegas!


Want to do excellent restorative tattooing?
Develop your skill in scar tissue, to be able to create an optical illusion over an amputation site.  A.R.T. will get you there safely, or fill in the gaps if you are ready to really level up your areola work!

Pre-Requisites - 2 yrs machine experience and a love for tattooing

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