One of the best ways to share knowledge is through words.  Since our founder went to art school, tattooed for over 26 years, and HAD a mastectomy herself, she thought the best way to make a positive impact on the tattoo world was to have a distance conversation with every professional interested in expanding their perspective.

She writes simply and directly, as if you were sharing a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon, talking about your favorite topic - tattoos!



8th Edition, Original Book

The book that started a movement - this was the publication that inspired the pmu world to draw nipples!  It also taught hundreds of tattoo professionals why this work is so challenging and why it is also so meaningful, from the perspective of the person who has lost their breasts.


Paramedical Magazine

A real dream come true for me, I wanted this to happen so bad I just made it!  Features on some of the most inspiring industry leaders, product knowledge, tips, and interviews - everything you would want in a magazine! 

Read the eMagazine HERE

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Reference for Areola Artists

Color reference, black and grey reference, and line drawings for stencils make this the IDEAL helper book.  All the styles match NIPPLEBACKS, so survivors can choose a look they like and try them on, giving you a chance to see how the tones work and play around with placement while helping heal.


Level 3 - Areola Tattooing

Training Manual

Not available for purchase, but still worth noting - our full approach to training includes some of the most innovative and progressive ideas in this field while keeping things simple enough to integrate and build confidence in your skillset.  How many of us get to go to A.R.T. SCHOOL??!?  Now you can!

Level 1 - Tattooing Scars

Training Manual

Included in "TATTOOING SCARS", this nice little artistic book is great to refer back to when we get overwhelmed by working with scar tissue.  We can't tell scars how we want to tattoo them, we must learn how to listen to what the scar needs from us.  Keeping a simple approach helps you do just that.